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Announcing our 2017 Prix d’excellence-Specialist of the Year recipients

Introducing our regional Prix d’excellence-Specialist of the Year recipients. Who is your region’s winner?

The meaning of mentorship (as told by our Mentor of the Year recipients)

We are pleased to reveal our regional Mentor of the Year recipients. Do you have a mentor (past or current) you’d like to give a shout-out to?

We just funded 6 research projects — get all the details!

From the role of emotion in clinical reasoning to diagnostic errors to the impact of stress on empathy – read an overview of the projects.

You MUST visit our MOC tips page! Here’s why.

We have tips for each section of the MOC Program — group learning, self-learning and assessment…

Up to 60% off Royal College merchandise and CanMEDS publications

Take advantage of never-before-seen prices on popular items and CanMEDS publications.