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Membership and affiliation categories

Active Fellows (members)

Upon certification in your specialty, the Royal College invites you to become a Fellow and embark on a rewarding professional journey with thousands of like-minded specialists. Fellows of the Royal College can use the FRCPC (Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada) or FRCSC (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada) designations.

This highly recognized symbol of superior training and commitment to lifelong learning shows patients, peers and authorities that you are worthy of their respect and trust. Active Fellows in full-time or part-time practice use their designation for career advancement. Learn more about the benefits of Active Fellowship.

Diplomates and Diplomate Affiliates

If you have successfully completed a Royal College-accredited Area of Focused Competence (Diploma) program, we encourage you to become a Royal College Diplomate or Diplomate Affiliate. Only those who maintain their status as a Diplomate or Diplomate Affiliate can use the designation DRCPSC (Diplomate of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada). Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Diplomate or Diplomate Affiliate.

Resident Affiliates

If you are registered in a Royal College-accredited postgraduate medical education program and have not previously been certified, the Royal College invites you to become a Resident Affiliate. Resident affiliation is free and will set the foundation for a valued partnership throughout your medical career. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Resident Affiliate.

Retired Fellows

If you are fully retired — i.e., no longer in full-time or part-time practice and no longer using your designation for career advancement — there are still benefits to membership. As a Retired Fellow, you pay no annual fee but may continue to use your Fellowship designation. You will also benefit from Royal College news that keeps you connected to specialty medicine, both at home and abroad. To register, fill out the Confirmation of Retired Status form online or download a PDF version and return it by fax (613-730-8830) or mail (The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, 774 Echo Drive, Ottawa ON, K1S 5N8, Canada).


Every year, nearly 3,000 dedicated Fellows volunteer their time to keep the Royal College at the forefront of specialist medical education, continuing professional development and sound health policy. Volunteers fulfil vital functions such as developing and administering exams, accrediting residency programs, serving on committees, facilitating conferences and workshops, serving on task forces and working groups, and taking on international roles within the Royal College. Learn more about becoming a Royal College volunteer.

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