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Severe fail category

The severe fail category is for those candidates whose performance is generally at least two standard deviations below the failure mark. This level of performance suggests that a candidate would not be successful on subsequent exam attempts without further training or other appropriate intervention. Only a very small number of candidates, typically fewer than 2%, fall into this category.

Severe fail candidates receive a summary of their performance, which includes the following:

  • notification that the candidate is in the severe fail category
  • notification that the candidate’s file will be referred back to the Credentials Unit for further review of his or her eligibility to the certification examinations
  • an invitation to the candidate to provide feedback by email to

This feedback can include any additional information the candidate wants the Credentials Unit to know for the deliberation of their case. The deadline for feedback from candidates is July 31 for the spring exams and November 30 for the fall exams.