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Exam registration instructions and information

Completing the registration form

The registration form must be completed legibly. It is important that the Royal College have your up-to-date contact information at all times in case we need to reach you urgently. You can update your contact information via the secure Royal College website (log in using your member identification number) or

To improve postgraduate education and to support candidates, we provide program directors of Royal College accredited programs in Canadian universities with information on the exam performance of the residents educated in their programs. Our policy is to send a copy of the individual exam feedback provided to unsuccessful candidates to the program director identified on the candidate's Final In-Training Evaluation Report (FITER). This feedback is important to guide remedial learning if the candidate must repeat the exam.

Program directors will receive the above information unless you indicate on your registration form that you want it to remain confidential (this requires your signature under item 7c).

Please pay particular attention to your choice of language and location for the exam, since no change will be considered after February 15, 2015, for spring exams, and June 1, 2015, for fall exams. You must complete all components of the exam in one language.

Specialty-specific forms

There are specific forms that candidates in internal medicine and radiology need to complete.