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Frequently asked questions

Can I pay for the exam in instalments?

No, payment in full is required with your completed registration form.

I have already paid a fee. Why do I have to pay again?

The amount you paid previously was the assessment fee for credentialing purposes. The registration fee is a separate fee that must be included with the registration form.

I am repeating the exam this year. Do I get a discount?

No, the full registration fee is required at each attempt.

When will I receive my schedule for the exam?

The appointment letter to the exam will be mailed to you about a month before the exam.

How do I dress for the exams?

There is no official dress code, but business casual is the norm.

Should I bring my lab coat?

There is no need for a lab coat. If you choose to wear one, it must not identify you or your institution (e.g., university hospital crest, etc.)

What do I need to bring to my exam?

Please refer to your candidate appointment letter for specialty-specific requirements. Beyond these, everything will be provided at the examination centre.

What should I study for the exam?

It is suggested that candidates review the objectives of training for the discipline, since exams will focus primarily on the assessment of these competencies. You could also contact a Canadian university and speak with the program director in your specialty.

Is lunch provided?

Lunch is not provided for candidates unless otherwise stated. You can bring a lunch or visit one of the local restaurants within walking distance of the Royal College. There is a cafeteria at the La Cité Collégiale site. A listing is provided at the exam centre.

Can I get copies of past exam questions?

Past exam questions are not available for distribution. However, examples of written exam questions can be found here:

How and when will I get the results online?

Instructions will be provided on how to access your results on the Royal College website. Results are posted as soon as possible after the exam, but only after all the required verification of data has been fully completed. Results are generally available within 10 business days of the completion of all exam components by all candidates.

Is there parking at the exam centres?

Parking is not available at the Royal College. Please use another mode of transportation. Parking is available at the La Cité Collégiale site in the blue parking lot.

Is there a code of conduct for candidates?

Yes, there is a code of conduct.

Is there a map of the exam site available?

Yes, please see the directions page.