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CBD and assessment

Competence by Design (CBD) reframes assessment by looking at it through a program lens. In CBD, residency training is organized into four developmental stages, each with its own set of markers for learning and assessment. Regular observation of residents, measured against these makers, provides data to inform decisions about the resident’s progression through the stages.

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The Royal College has a range of resources to support your CBD assessment work. These resources are updated regularly. If you can’t find what you need, please contact us for help:

Taken together, new stage specific milestones and entrustable professional activities (EPAs) lays out a clear learning plan for residents and clear teaching and assessment goals for educators. Overall, this approach increases the number of assessments within residency, which will increase the amount of relevant and demonstrable data your programs can use to evaluate the competence of your learners and ensure they are delivering quality patient care.

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