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The MAINPORT ePortfolio project

Initial vision of MAINPORT ePortfolio

The Royal College’s existing online portfolio system is known as MAINPORT. CBD initially envisioned each discipline using the enhanced competency-based version of this system (known as MAINPORT ePortfolio) to track and record learning and assessment.

We understand that each university has individual data and IT system needs and logistical and resources challenges, and we recognize that this approach may not be viable for all our partners.

Co-creating a technology solution

Together with our stakeholders, we are working to create a mutually acceptable technology approach which respects and responds to the needs of all partners in the medical education system.

To begin, we are reaching out to all our partners to better understand their current data and IT system needs, and logistical and resources challenges.

We are also developing a clickable prototype of MAINPORT ePortfolio to be shared with our stakeholders for review and consultation. This prototype will demonstrate the data entry processes, assessment workflows and anticipated reporting capabilities which could work within a CBD program.

The prototype will foster informed conversations with our partners about our next steps. Together we can examine opportunities to integrate and leverage existing technology and create solutions within and beyond MAINPORT which are usable and practical at the local level.

To share your thoughts on technology solutions, contact