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Competence by Design and practising physicians

Putting patients first, from residency to retirement

Competence by Design (CBD) will help create a system that better supports continuous learning and the attainment of competencies throughout a physician’s career. From residency to retirement, physicians will be able to meet evolving patient needs.

“Working in an academic environment, it’s easy to see CBD as just a change to medical education. But things like the CanMEDS 2015 specialty-specific milestones will be valuable tools in practice. They’ll help support peer assessment and self-assessment and allow practising physicians to gauge where they are and where they need to develop.”— Scott Berry, MD, MHSc, FRCPC; chair of the Royal College Specialty Committee in Medical Oncology; associate professor, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto

CBD will make it easier for practising physicians to

  • assess their abilities, and address any gaps via continuing medical education;
  • stay current with evolving medical research, technologies and procedures — and know when to adopt these changes in their practice; and
  • plan and track their learning activities using MAINPORT ePortfolio to demonstrate competence and performance in their scope of practice throughout multiple career transitions.

White papers focusing on competency-based continuing professional development

As part of the conversations around competency-based continuing professional development a series of white papers have been developed collaboratively.

  • Scope of Practice and Competency-Based CPD
  • Assessment and feedback within a Competency-Based CPD System
  • Rationale for transitioning to a Competency-Based CPD System
  • Transition to Competency-Based CPD: Roles and Implications for Learners, CPD Providers and the Health System

Continuing the conversation on competency-based continuing professional development

In May 2016, the Royal College will host the 2nd Invitational Summit on Competency-Based Continuing Professional Development. Invitees include leaders in continuing professional development, regulatory authority representatives, assessment experts and medical education scholars from more than 55 organizations.

Discussions topics will include

Learn about the 1st Summit held in April 2015: